“It is time to reinvent yourself & make the changes stick?”—Derailed to a life by design


More often than not following a major life event people find themselves completely off track. They do not recognize themselves, they don’t know what direction to go in, have trouble making decisions and find that they need to reinvent the person in the mirror. For many others they just wake up one day and have a revelation that their lives are not going in the direction they want it to go. Whether the realization was brought on by an event or by an innate desire, being in this space can bring up many feelings; feelings of self-doubt, anxiety, anger, feeling mentally drained, hopelessness, and lack of direction. Here is one of the first steps to reclaim, reinvent & start the process of designing your ideal life!


Look at all the areas of your life & begin to reclaim the things that served you and remove the things that no longer serve you. With your ideal life & ideal version of yourself in mind examine your physical, mental, spiritual & emotional bodies.  What do you need to reclaim and remove from these areas of your life?

For example, does your physical body look and perform the way you would like it to? Does your image reflect the person you are becoming and how you would like to show up in the world? If it does not, start making the changes to align with the ideal version of you. Evaluate all areas of your physical existence, to name a few areas to consider: your finances, the environment you live in, the foods you eat, your energy level, look at every area of your physical existence. As you evaluate and decide what area to focus on ask yourself “what would this area look like in my ideal life? If it does not match up start making the necessary changes that would create an alignment. 

Don’t stop there! Do this for your mental, spiritual and emotional life. Remember to filter all the area through this new mental image you have of yourself and your life. Reclaim & fully integrate the behaviors that align and start removing by replacing all that don’t. Hold this mental image as often as you can & use it as a guide when making decisions. You will start to feel more focused, clearer, on track and your life will begin to transform.


When starting to transform your life and getting yourself back on track the one single step of reclaiming and removing by replacing the thoughts & behaviors that no longer align and accurately depict the ideal version of you is a great place to begin! Remember to filter your decisions through the this question “what would this area look like in my ideal life?

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