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If life has created a need for you to transform, pivot, or completely reinvent yourself – you are in the right place

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Maximizing and harnessing the full potential in a person is my true passion.  Unleashing the expanded vision someone has for themselves and their life brings me complete joy.  Living a life you design for yourself IS truly living!  

Tanya King

How much time has already passed?

If you don’t make changes now, what will your future look like? How many months — how many years — have already passed?
The need to reinvent yourself may have arose from divorce, career loss, death, or simply the inability to free yourself from your own mind. Now that you are here… what will you do? Your future is created in the present…It is time to take massive action! Are you ready to unleash the person you were meant to be?

Become the most powerful version of you

There IS a powerful version of you wanting and waiting to come bursting forth. In a simple four-step process you can start to re-align with the most powerful version of YOU!
These are the four anchors that will change your life!
R-Reclaim & Remove.
I-”I” Meaning YOU—Realigning with who YOU really are.
L-LIFE—Living in faith & focus everyday.
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What we offer

You will be coached through a proven 12-week process to design your ideal life...Your ideal body, image, relationships, business & financial life.
You will be held accountable and supported through the entire process and by the end of the 12 weeks you will not recognize yourself! We will cut years off the process from where you are to where you would like to be! Tanya has worked with women from various backgrounds & situations, whose life has caused them to have to reinvent themselves & without fail they all stepped into the best version of themselves! Are you ready to unlesh the woman you were meant to be?

Client Testimonials

Donnetta L

“Tanya is one of the most beautiful spirits — she is a goddess and true practitioner of Life. From the very first welcome and throughout each session, I could feel myself become more energized and inspired by her warm, calming knowledge, and by the women I could see and feel myself becoming through her guidance. She has an intuitive touch and positive energy that made each session feel like an endless wave of magic. Her session resonates beyond it’s time and extends long into feeling rejuvenated and awakened in many ways. I often found myself waking up the next day with a profound relaxed sleep, a weight off my spirit, regained energy, and opportunities and extraordinary events gently flowing into my day-to day experiences.”

Alaina P.

“DeRailed found me when my life was just that. Derailed. From the very first meeting and very first assignment my perspective completely shifted. Not only is this program designed to bring out the best version of you, but Tanya has an amazing gift for helping women remember and find the powerful Goddess within themselves. Even though life is a constant journey, I am well on my way thanks to Tanya’s amazing life coaching. Now, every reason to quit is every reason to keep moving forward and never except failure — to always walk in and with my true Goddess power. I would definitely recommend this program to any woman who is searching for herself, and searching to feel and become whole. Thank you so much DeRailed for sharing your space, time, and energy to help me spread my wings and soar!”

Annie Verna

I had lost myself a long time ago — I felt like I was in the middle of the ocean, trying to swim to the shore but no matter how much I was swimming and kicking, that stuck in the same place, in the same movement, in the same time, in the same water. I was overwhelmed, and felt like no matter how hard I swam, the water would hold me in place no matter what. Then for some unknown reason, I was connected to Tanya again. She does not know this part, but a week prior to our reconnection, I saw one of her Instagram posts and thought to myself, “Man, that is one person I wish I still had in my corner!” When we reconnected, she called me and asked if I would be interested in a program she had been developing, and I jumped on to it without any hesitation. I trusted Tanya, and she believed in me. And wow, did I see progress! I may not be on an actual island, but I am now able to swim and kick, and bring myself even closer. I’m treading water again. This was truly an amazing experience. I now know where to start, one step at a time, and having Tanya there to truly listen, check, understand, and care for me, made me feel like I was more than a number on her list. Because I was more than a number. She was the guiding hand who lead me back to the woman I had lost. I chose to share this picture because this is who I had lost, and with Tanya’s patience and guidance, I can now say I have found her again, and along the way I have grown wiser, stronger, and have become beautifully me again.

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“It is time to reinvent yourself & make the changes stick?”—Derailed to a life by design More often than not following a major life event

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